E26 Dr.Sarah Hays on Geek Therapeutics, Clinical Therapy With Video Games and Avatars for Well-being

This week host Robby Ratan had a truly enlightening conversation with Dr. Sarah Hays, a practicing clinician who uses video games and avatars in the therapy she provides to her clients. She also works at Take This and Queer Women of Esports.

The two discuss the Geek Therapeutics movement (super cool idea Robby had never heard of), the exciting potential to provide therapy using and/or inside of video games and virtual reality, and the important role that avatars (and the Proteus effect) play in such therapy. Robby is truly inspired to help his research field build stronger bridges with practicing clinicians after this conversation! And remember, if anyone is skeptical about using a game for therapy, tell them it’s just a playable book! Hays is a doctor of counseling psychology and practicing clinician specialized in Geek Therapy, ADHD and LGBTQIA+ populations. She's the mentorship lead and a podcast co-host at Queer Women of Esports, an organization dedicated to providing resources and mentorship to help create positive change the esports industry and make it more inclusive. Hays is also a clinical contributor at Take This, a non-profit organization focused on supporting and decreasing the stigma around mental health in the gaming community and industry.

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