E31 History & Future of Remote Work, Business Metaverse & Nano Tech (feat. Dr. Ramesh Lakshmi-Ratan)

Dr. Dad is back again for an encore episode with Robby!

They discuss the early days of supporting remote work at Bell Labs, the potential for virtual reality technologies (and the metaverse writ large) to influence the dynamics of remote work in the near-term future, Robby’s recently funded NSF on topics of equity and inclusion within virtual meeting platforms, and the ~30-year future potential of nano-engineered smart materials to dramatically change the way we work remotely (and everything else we do). Dr. Ramesh Lakshmi-Ratan spent over three decades in communications. He worked at companies like Bell Labs/AT&T (inventors of the telephone and transistor,) VocalTec (inventors of Voice over IP and the Internet messaging app ICQ,) YellowPages, Pitney Bowes, American Printer and Bell & Howell (a pioneer in projectors and broadcast media.)

His work spanned the divide between digital and physical communication, as well as mass and targeted communication.

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