E34 Kids & VR: Why VR makes Simon Says harder and Education better (feat. Dr. Jakki Bailey)

Dr. Jakki Bailey, assistant professor and director of the Immersive Human Development Lab at the University of Texas at Austin, shares her expertise on childrens' uses of virtual reality technology. She shares some humorous moments from her research (e.g., “I wish I could do this [in VR] for forever”), describes some potential concerns about safety for kids in VR and succinctly explains the fundamental psychology behind why kids use and respond to VR differently than adults (e.g., executive function and impulse control). She also describes how kids perceive characters and avatars in VR, how her “Designing User Interfaces for Children” class prepares students to build the metaverse for children and the ways in which education in VR might be able to exceed the quality of current educational experiences. Her expertise on this important but all-too-often underappreciated topic is rare and valuable. Enjoy the episode! Take the SPARTIE-Cast survey and let us know what you think of the podcast! Want to live stream or video chat with your own avatar? Try Animaze for free! And if you want to subscribe, use code “spartielab” at checkout for 50% off all subscriptions. The free-to-use software is available on Steam and the Apple App Store. Code expires January 1, 2022.

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