E24 Cecilia D'Anastasio (of Wired) on Identity Exploration, Empowerment and Metaverse Skepticism

In this episode host Robby Ratan speaks with Cecilia D'Anastasio, the games journalist at WIRED. They talk about her writing on identity exploration through avatars, the potential for video games to foster empowerment of marginalized communities and skepticism about the vision of the Metaverse being touted by CEOs. To wrap up, they geek out about their professions and in particular and the complementarity of academic research and journalism in their contributions to the public record.

D'Anastasio is WIRED's only full time games industry and gaming culture writer. She's an award winning journalist including an appearance on the 2020 Forbes' "30 Under 30" list in media.

Previously she was a senior reporter at Kotaku, a news and opinion website that revolves around the gaming realm, a freelance contributor for VICE.