E4 Proteus Effect and Creativity (feat. Dr. Stephanie Buisine)

In this episode, Dr. Stephanie Buisine chats about her research on the Proteus effect, touching on a study that shows inventor-like avatars (versus street-clothes avatars) lead to more creativity in a brainstorming task ...a personal favorite!

Buisine is a Research Director at CESI Graduate School of Engineering and CESI School of Management. Her research is about different approaches to innovation using creativity and non-technological processes, specifically in Industry 4.0 and sustainable city applications.

She is also part of the LINEACT lab, co-leading the “Learning and Innovating” team. This team focuses on multiple different sciences, including Cognitive, Management, and Social sciences. The lab tackles the problems of tomorrow, and how we can prepare for those changes and help to reach those changes.