E8 Prof G on Podcasting, Gaming, and Academia (feat. Scott Galloway)

This week Dr. Robby Ratan speaks with Scott Galloway who has been Ratan's parasocial running partner for the past ~year (i.e., his podcasts help distract Ratan from his turtle pace).

Galloway shares his thoughts on podcasting/media engagement, the intersection of gaming/virtual goods and crypot/NFTs, and the self-serving (current) nature of academia.

He is a professor of marketing at the New York University Stern School of Business. He is the founder of Section4, the online business education startup. He also does research on modern media and marketing, with much of his research focusing on "The Four" (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google).

He has founded Prophet, a consultancy firm for brands and marketing, and L2 Inc, a digital intelligence firm that he sold in March 2017. He authored several books, including The Algebra of Happiness, The Four, and Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity.

He co-hosts the Pivot podcast with Kara Swisher and hosts his own weekly podcast The Prof G Show. He has his own blogging site, No Mercy / No Malice.