E9 The Proteus Effect, Bias and Body Ownership (feat. Dr. Domna Banakou)

This week Dr. Robby Ratan holds an informative conversation with Domna Banakou on her research trajectory, the Event lab, and the future of avatar research.

Banakou is a researcher at the EVENT-LAB in Barcelona. Her research focuses on virtual environments, with a specific focus on how “body ownership illusions” affect people’s perception and views.

She has a background in Computer Science, receiving her BSc from the Ionian University. She has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and Psychobiology from the University of Barcelona and an MSU in Computer Graphics, Vision and Imaging from University College London.

Her research has resulted in the publication of many research papers. They cover a variety of topics including embodiment of avatars, virtual reality, implicit bias and more, but many of these topics are intertwined. You can check out a substantial amount of her work here.