The Voice Makes the Car

Enhancing Autonomous Vehicle Perceptions and Adoption Intention through Voice Agent Gender and Style

Sanguk Lee, Rabindra Ratan, and Taiwoo Park


The present research explores how autonomous vehicle voice agent (AVVA) design

influences autonomous vehicle passenger (AVP) intentions to adopt autonomous vehicles. An online experiment (N = 158) examined the role of gender stereotypes in response to an AVVA with respect to the technology acceptance model. The findings indicate that characteristics of the AVVA that are more consistent with the stereotypical expectation of the social role (informative male AVVA and social female AVVA) foster greater perceived ease of use (PEU) and perceived usefulness (PU) than inconsistent conditions (social male AVVA and informative female AVVA). The study offers theoretical implications regarding the technology acceptance model in the context of autonomous technologies as well as practical implications for the design of autonomous vehicle voice agents.